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The AI in Business Podcast is for non-technical business leaders who need to find AI opportunities, align AI capabilities with strategy, and deliver ROI.

Each week, Emerj Artificial Intelligence Research CEO Daniel Faggella interviews top AI executives from Fortune 500 firms and unicorn startups - to uncover trends, use-cases, and best practices for practical AI adoption.

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Nov 23, 2021

Our guest this week is Sanjay Deshmukh, Executive Vice President of Findability Sciences. Findability is a SoftBank-backed firm here in the Boston area with about 100 employees around the world. In this episode, he discusses how Findability is applying artificial intelligence in the world of collections. He also talks about the personalization of messaging, optimizing the use of call center agents, and categorization. This episode is brought to you by Findability Sciences. If you’re a listener here but not yet a subscriber on, you can download our free PDF brief called “The AI in Financial Services Cheat Sheet” at