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The AI in Business Podcast is for non-technical business leaders who need to find AI opportunities, align AI capabilities with strategy, and deliver ROI.

Each week, Emerj Artificial Intelligence Research CEO Daniel Faggella interviews top AI executives from Fortune 500 firms and unicorn startups - to uncover trends, use-cases, and best practices for practical AI adoption.

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Sep 26, 2023

Today’s guest is Heather Lane, Senior Architect at athenahealth. athenahealth is one of the leading U.S. providers of network-enabled services for healthcare and point-of-care mobile apps. Heather joins us on today’s program to discuss the implications of new, emerging generative AI capabilities on the healthcare space and the systems healthcare providers must implement to leverage their benefits. To access Emerj’s frameworks for AI readiness, ROI, and strategy, visit Emerj Plus at