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The AI in Business Podcast is for non-technical business leaders who need to find AI opportunities, align AI capabilities with strategy, and deliver ROI.

Each week, Emerj Artificial Intelligence Research CEO Daniel Faggella interviews top AI executives from Fortune 500 firms and unicorn startups - to uncover trends, use-cases, and best practices for practical AI adoption.

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Apr 6, 2023

Today’s guest is Eigen Technologies CEO Lewis Liu. Eigen is an intelligent document processing platform specializing in helping organizations transform documents into any form of data. In conversation with Emerj Senior Editor Matthew DeMello, Lewis talks about the challenges of legacy systems in financial services and intelligent document processing as a means of unlocking the information inside. Throughout the conversation, they differentiate the technologies involved from existing hype around LLMs and give a sober analysis of their exact capabilities and incapabilities. This episode is sponsored by Eigen Technologies. Learn how brands work with Emerj and other Emerj Media options at