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The AI in Business Podcast is for non-technical business leaders who need to find AI opportunities, align AI capabilities with strategy, and deliver ROI.

Each week, Emerj Artificial Intelligence Research CEO Daniel Faggella interviews top AI executives from Fortune 500 firms and unicorn startups - to uncover trends, use-cases, and best practices for practical AI adoption.

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Jun 25, 2022

Today’s episode is the fifth and final part of our series on building an enterprise AI strategy. Our guest is Richard Benjamins, Chief AI & Data Strategist at Telefónica and author of “Data-Driven Company.” Telefónica is a $40B firm and one of the largest in the telco space in the EU. In this episode, Richard emphasizes the importance of how we collect and handle data at an enterprise level in a way that enables us to support strategy-building. He also shares his opinion on including ethics and governance as part of the strategy-building process and discusses using smaller projects to construct bigger-picture momentum to finalize a strategy. If your company is getting started with AI, download our free guide, “Beginning with AI: 3 Critical Insights for Non-Technical Executives,” at to learn more about the practical steps for initial AI adoption.